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Rayner launches RayOne EMV Toric in Australia

Rayner RayOne EMV Toric Australia


Rayner, the pioneering manufacturer and supplier of ophthalmic solutions for cataract and refractive surgery, has announced the launch of RayOne EMV Toric in Australia.

RayOne EMV Toric is the toric variant of Rayner’s popular RayOne EMV IOL that was developed in collaboration with world renowned Australian surgeon Professor Graham Barrett.

According to the company, its RayOne EMV platform features a truly non-diffractive optic that provides patients with up to 1.5 D1,4,6 of high-quality vision when used with an emmetropic target. Following excellent surgeon feedback for RayOne EMV’s monofocal levels of contrast sensitivity1, dysphotopsia2,5, and high levels of patient satisfaction3, RayOne EMV Toric has been designed to allow surgeons to correct from 0.5 D of corneal astigmatism with a wide selection of IOL plane cylinders.

Queensland’s first commercial implanter of the RayOne EMV Toric IOL was Dr Graham Hay-Smith from Moreton Eye Group in Brisbane.

The RayOne EMV Toric IOL is described as a forgiving lens that appears to provide excellent physiological vision with a significant improvement in intermediate and near vision, compared to standard IOLs.

Commenting on the implantation of RayOne EMV Toric, he said: “I was impressed with the excellent patient outcomes I have had with RayOne EMV backed up with audit data.”

An audit of Hay-Smith’s initial RayOne EMV patient results showed:

  • Excellent distance vision with no measurable compromise versus a standard monofocal.
  • Useful near/intermediate vision for most patients with emmetropic targeting.
  • Mini Myopic group (mean target -0.49 D) maintain good UDVA: 0.1 LogMAR or better in 89% of patients).
  • Mini-Monovision group (0.75 D myopia) displayed an excellent range of vision: UDVA 0 LogMAR/better than N6 reading.
  • Modest-Monovision (i.e., 1.0 to 1.5 D of myopia) maintain UDVA and can give even better (and closer) near vision.

Hay-Smith described the EMV as a forgiving lens that appears to provide excellent physiological vision with a significant improvement in intermediate and near vision, compared to standard IOLs.

Overall, he has noted how happy patients are with the lens and been surprised by how much intermediate and near functional vision he is observing.

A graph showing Dr Graham Hay-Smith’s mini-monovision patients: UNVA in each eye versus binocular UNVA.

“These fantastic patient outcomes – coupled with my long-term confidence in rotational stability with the RayOne toric platform – made it an easy decision to implant the RayOne EMV Toric. I look forward to being able to provide the increased range and excellent quality of vision I’ve achieved with RayOne EMV to my astigmatic patients,’’ he said.

RayOne EMV Toric is available to order in Australia and has Prosthesis List Reimbursement from 1 March 2023.

For further information, contact Rayner Australia 1300RAYNER.


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