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Rayner announces acquisition of Sophi phaco system

Rayner Sophi


Cataract surgery company Rayner has acquired Swiss-based This AG, the inventor, developer and manufacturer of Sophi phaco emulsification machines.

In a statement, the UK-based IOL manufacturer – with operations in Australia – said the acquisition marks a new chapter for the company as it branches out to include phaco technology as part of its extensive product portfolio.

Tim Clover, Rayner CEO. Image: Rayner.

Sophi (Swiss ophthalmology innovation) is phaco technology that is said to provide mobility, simplicity, and safety within the operating theatre. Rayner said that Sophi presented an advanced surgical system with features including triple pump fluidics, active IOP control, clean venturi and day cassette, cable free power supply and wireless communication.

“The phaco machine plays a central role in cataract surgery. At Rayner we aspire to launch the highest quality products, inspired by surgeons and driven by science,” Mr Tim Clover, Rayner CEO, said.

“Sophi shares this vision, and their machines are truly differentiated with breakthrough technology combined with stunning design which makes them such a good fit for Rayner. I’m excited about their product range today, as well as what we will be planning together for tomorrow.”

“Sophi was created by viewing things from a completely new perspective; to redefine the requirements of a perfect phaco system by focusing on the point of view of the surgeon and their team,” he said.

“We saw the same philosophy in Rayner and are excited to combine in order to offer Sophi through an expanded commercial team and to accelerate our innovation projects.”

According to Rayner, the acquisition will enhance the company’s breadth of products for cataract surgery, also encompassing IOLs, ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs), eye drops, pharmaceuticals, digital tools and single-use recyclable instruments.

Thomas Koeppel, founder and CEO of Sophi. Image: Rayner.

Mr Thomas Koeppel, founder and CEO of Sophi, said the agreement would advance the distribution of the phaco system.

Rayner stated that Sophi was highly regarded by medical professionals and commended for its ease-of-use.

“Sophi has been my primary phaco machine for the last three years and I would highly recommend it to fellow high-volume premium cataract and refractive surgeons,” said Dr Erik L. Mertens, founder and medical director of Medipolis Eye Centre.

“I have found its superior fluidics, ease of use and in-field support from the manufacturer to be highly differentiated.”

In Australia, Sophi phaco is currently available through Designs For Vision. The acquisition closed 17 January 2024.

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