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RANZCO’s ‘The Tick’ to promote greater female inclusion   

Ranzco The Tick

RANZCO has demonstrated its commitment to gender diversity, with the launch of a new initiative endorsing events that aim for higher levels of female representation.

‘The Tick’ is an endorsement by the college that a conference or event has achieved the RANZCO target of 35% female representation.

“It is a visible signifier that events are as dedicated to gender diversity and inclusion as RANZCO is,” the college announced on 1 October.

“The Tick was developed by the RANZCO Women in Ophthalmology and has been approved for use by the RANZCO Board. Adding The Tick to an event website, program and marketing collateral demonstrates commitment to gender equality, and diversity of thought and excellence.”

In conjunction with The Tick, the college’s Women in Ophthalmology has also launched the RANZCO Speaker Bureau.

This is a flipbook of RANZCO Fellows and trainees who have opted to publicise their availability to speak at events. The Speaker Bureau is intended to aide event organisers in finding a broad range of speakers and can be searched by topic, gender and location.

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