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Queensland clinic performs Australian-first cataract laser technique

A Brisbane eye surgery clinic has become the first in Australia to offer the CAPSULaser procedure, enabling surgeons to perform highly accurate and consistent capsulotomies in less than one-third of a second.

OKKO Eye Specialist Centre, founded by leading ophthalmic surgeon Dr Matthew Russell, recently adopted the technology that he says also ensures precise size, circularity and position of the lens implant.

Developed in the US, CAPSULaser is a pain-free, non-invasive procedure that uses laser to perform the critical component of the cataract procedure. When combined with the latest capsular-fixated IOLs, the technology reportedly has the ability to improve vision stability, increasing the predictability of vision outcomes.

Russell said femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) – the most used laser-assisted cataract surgery approach nationally – requires two separate procedures, often in different procedure rooms. It also involves a suction element applied directly to the eye that can be uncomfortable for patients.

A CAPSULaser procedure on the left compared with a manual procedure on the right.

Replacing the FLACS approach, he said CAPSULaser can be seamlessly integrated into current cataract surgery, eliminating the need for a two-staged procedure. With a predictable and precise capsule opening, the procedure enables the use of a new generation of extended depth of focus (EDOF) capsular-fixated implants.

In clinical studies, CAPSULaser has demonstrated superior consistency in creating a capsulotomy. The laser precision allows surgeons to pre-select the intended capsulotomy size from 4 mm to 5.5 mm, in 0.1 mm increments.

Having performed more than 20,000 surgical procedures over the last 15 years, Russell said this was the first time Australians had access to this modality of laser during cataract surgery.

“We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of bringing this innovative laser procedure to Australia and making the very latest technology available to Queenslanders who need to undergo cataract surgery,” Russell said.

The CAPSULaser console, available through Device Technologies.

“Until now, it hasn’t been possible for many day surgeries to afford the incredible expense that comes with the current laser technology, but CAPSULaser is much more accessible, which will have tremendous potential benefits for clinics, day surgeries and patients.”

Russell believes most surgical centres across Australia will eventually regard CAPSULaser as the preferred laser platform for cataract surgery.

“By introducing this state-of-the-art procedure to our practice, we’re able to offer our patients an excellent level of service while creating greater certainty of our surgical outcomes and increased long-term satisfaction because CAPSULaser allows us to take advantage of new EDOF lens technology,” he said.

“The evidence so far suggests that capsulotomy created by CAPSULaser may be stronger than and therefore potentially safer than current laser cataract surgery. However, this will need to be verified in longer-term clinical studies.”

CAPSULaser is being distributed in Australia by Device Technologies.

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