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ProVision debuts frame display feature on ProSupply

Provision Prosupply Frame Gallery

ProVision has added a Frame Gallery feature to its exclusive member product ordering system, ProSupply, to reflect a practice’s stock on its website. With more people browsing eyewear online before visiting their optometrist, the organisation hopes it will drive greater patient acquisition for independents.

The new feature leverages ProSupply’s 30,000 + frame database to provide practices with an easy way to display the frames they currently have in stock. Members can select which brands they wish to promote and have the option of either embedding it on their website or linking to the gallery directly.

Mr Andrew Parker, business systems manager at ProVision, said the Frame Gallery feature was developed in response to trends in online consumer behaviour. Consumer research commissioned by ProVision with EY Sweeney in late 2022, highlighted the importance of online research prior to in-store visitation.

“Seventy-four per cent of patients are conducting research online prior to visiting a store and 65% would prefer to browse a catalogue of options to narrow their options or find the style, shape or material they want before their appointment,” he said.

“Seventy-one per cent of those researching online are likely to purchase from an optometrist they researched online. This indicates a strong connection between online browsing and purchasing.”

Parker added: “The goal is to allow potential customers to see what is available at the practice before visiting and increase the likelihood of visiting the store or booking an appointment.”

He said Frame Gallery worked to supplement the consumer experience.

“Ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable experience in browsing eyewear products online will enhance the opportunity to be selected as an optometrist to visit in-store,” he said.

By leveraging ProSupply’s Frame Gallery, ProVision belived this would allow independent practices to stay competitive, with major competitors in the optical space providing consumers with opportunities to browse frame ranges prior to placing an appointment.

“Unfortunately, most independent practices don’t have the time or expertise to build and constantly maintain a frame gallery; our frame gallery removes these maintenance tasks from our practices as the data is kept up to date by ProVision as part of ProSupply. ProVision can now provide practices with this capability,” Parker said.

Among the Frame Gallery’s useful features, is the ability for practices to select and deselect brands and have this automatically reflected in their system.

“Once a practice selects the brands they wish to display on their Frame Gallery, only the current ranges are displayed. Discontinued products are removed, and new products added automatically as the underlying ProSupply catalogue is maintained,” Parker said.

He said that although the feature is new, it has garnered a positive response especially due to the ease of which members can embed the Frame Gallery into their existing website.

“This has only been launched in the past month with great initial feedback. Members have been able quickly embed the Frame Gallery into their existing website within half an hour using some basic functionality on their CMS,” he said.

The platform will continue to be updated according to member feedback.

“We are looking to expand the gallery to include the option for consumers to create a list of favourites and send to the practices. The platform will expand over time based on feedback and uptake,” Parker said.

ProVision members can obtain simple instructions on how to implement the Frame Gallery by emailing

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