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Premium quality and latest technology come standard in all Tokai lenses

Since the first free-form single-vision lens technology became available in 2009, Japanese lensmaker Tokai Optical has replaced its entire surfacing equipment with digital, free-form technology, thereby reducing distortion and enhancing clarity.

Queensland-based Mr Justin Chiang, who operates subsidiary Tokai Optical Australia, said it has been more than 10 years since Tokai Optical opted to only produce free-form lenses, including single vision stock lens ranges.

“Although single vision stock lenses do not go through the free-form surfacing process, Tokai Optical applies this technology to the casting mould for casting free-form single vision lenses. And that means every single lens,” Chiang says.

Tokai Optical is a proud Japanese ophthalmic lens company with more than 80 years of history. By keeping production in-house, Chiang said Tokai Optical has developed many unique products.

“The most well-known is the 1.76 ultra-high index material. Along with the ultra-high index material, Tokai Optical also produces LUTINA, block HEV (High Energy Violet) through the material absorption, a total of 14 different colours in the polarised lens range, and 0.19% super low reflectance rate anti-reflective coating,” he said.

“What most people don’t know about Tokai Optical is that many features and functions are subtly built into Tokai lenses as standard, rather than as options or with additional cost.”

Chiang said Tokai Optical’s ultraviolet protection exemplifies that principle.

“Most high refractive index lens material comes with some sort of UV protection; however, it is not necessary for the lower refractive index such as CR39, and 1.50 material.

“Tokai Optical sees eyecare as essential, regardless of if the customer pays for the premium lens design or the basic. It is like buying a car; regardless of whether you are buying an expensive car or a basic one, safety is a must. Therefore, Tokai has made a UV block across the entire range for more than 20 years,” Chiang said.

He continued: “There are more features, such as premium anti-reflective coatings, that come standard for every lens to make sure vision clarity, personalised service and all lenses made in Japan are part of the package. The feedback from many optometry practices is they found Tokai Optical Australia offer this premium lens package at a very competitive price.”

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