PiXL results show promise

The first study, which was conducted at Ruhr University Eye Hospital in Germany, evaluated the safety and efficacy of epithelium-off PiXL on 39 eyes (phakic and pseudophakic) divided into two groups using the KXL II syst from Avedro. Results at 12 months donstrated significant improvent with mean uncorrected VA of 20/20 and no loss of best corrected visual acuity (BCVA).The second study, performed at the Eagle Eye Centre in Singapore, analysed the safety and efficacy of trans-epithelial PiXL in correcting low myopia. Eight patients (14 myopic eyes) who underwent the procedure were followed for nine months post-operatively. Efficacy findings included a mean myopia reduction of 0.75 D; safety evaluations found no significant loss in endothelial cell count or BCVA, and no significant corneal haze post-procedure; and patients reported a high level of patient satisfaction.“This technology has huge potential as an addition to our armamentarium for refractive corrections,” Dr Lim Wee Kiak of the Eagle Eye Centre stated

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