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Optos unveils upgrades to its leading retinal imaging device

Optos has incorporated new hardware and software technology into its California ultra-widefield imaging (UWF) device, enabling practitioners to see and treat a greater range of ocular pathology.

After its launch to the Australasian market, California is said to be Optos’s premium offering to optometry and ophthalmology practices. It’s available in three versions and can offer up to six modalities.

The company’s California fa (fluorescein angiography) version incorporates the features of all Optos UWF instruments such as the ability to capture 200 degrees or up to 82% of the retina in a single image (in multiple modalities). It also allows eyecare professionals to view 50% more of the retina when compared with conventional imaging devices.

According to the company, California fa’s design now includes a motorised head and chin rest for patients requiring extra assistance during imaging.

The model also has multiple imaging modalities including; 3-in-1 colour depth imaging (color, red-free and choroidal in a single image), as well as autofluorescence and fluorescein angiography.


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