Medicare MBS Review Taskforce

What to do about Medicare – Skye Cappuccio

Optometry services have been subsidised by the Australian Government since Medicare (then Medibank) was first introduced in 1975. This has long been considered a significant win for the profession, and for population eye health, given the limited number of non-medical professions able to access subsidies for patient care without a referral from a medical practitioner.
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A proactive approach for glaucoma suspects – Dr Brian Ang

Glaucoma is estimated to cost Australia $4.3 billion every year by 2025,¹ as a result of an ageing population. Approximately 10% of Australians over the age of 40 are considered to be at risk of glaucoma, or ‘glaucoma suspects’.² Of these, around 12.5% will go on to develop glaucoma within the standard two-year interval for routine eye examinations.³
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Optometry Strengthening Medicare Taskforce Report

Tips to avoid Medicare compliance issues

A case study involving an optometrist who repaid $80,000 to Medicare illustrates some common errors that can catch practitioners out. RUANNE BRELL offers her top tips to manage Medicare billings and avoid compliance issues.
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Eye injuries and why sporting eyewear matters – Dr Gizem Ashraf

When I was a medical student working at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital (Eye and Ear) Emergency Department (ED) with Dr Rahul Chakrabarti and A/Prof Carmel Crock, we were shocked by the large number of patients who were presenting with sports-related eye injuries. However, when we searched the literature, we found that there were no recent large-scale studies in Australia assessing the characteristics of these injuries. To better understand the mechanism and pattern of eye injuries that occur during sporting activities, we performed our own sports-related eye trauma study. Read More