OCANZ invites submissions on Deakin University accreditation

According to OCANZ, the purpose of such accreditation is to perform a number of important functions including:

  • Assuring the public that graduates from accredited programs will have the knowledge, skills and professional attributes to practice safely;
  • Assuring the optometrists registration boards that graduates are effectively prepared for entry to the profession; and
  • Providing optometry schools with regular feedback on the contporary needs of the profession.

Submissions may be made by optometrists individually or as representatives of optometric organisations and may address any or all of the following OCANZ Accreditation Standards:

  1. Organisation, governance and funding.
  2. Educational goals and objectives.
  3. Program development and managent.
  4. Program curriculum.
  5. Teaching and learning methods.
  6. Clinical training and settings.
  7. Student assessment.
  8. Teaching and support staff.
  9. Students.
  10. Physical resources

Further details regarding OCANZ’s ten accreditation Standards and OCANZ’s accreditation process are available at should be marked ‘Confidential’ and mailed, faxed or ailed to the OCANZ office by 13 Novber 2015.

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