OA dropping print versions of two publications

The decision to cease publishing the print versions was announced to OA mbers on 22 Septber.Like all print ophthalmic publications in Australia, the print publications have been struggling to survive due to declining advertising revenue over the past few years, as well as increased printing and distribution costs.OA says it will publish the last print editions of Australian Optometry and Clinical and Experimental Optometry in Novber and Decber respectively.The chief executive officer of OA, Ms Genevieve Quilty, said on 22 Septber the rising popularity of digital devices including smartphones and tablets, combined with mbers’ preference for digital communication, has prompted OA to make a decisive move into that space and that the decision rested on making smarter use of mbership fees, with digital communication offering greater efficiency and value over print communication.From January, mbers will receive a weekly electronic newsletter published online at regular ail alert to a new issue of Clinical and Experimental Optometry will continue to be sent to mbers every two months.We have been reviewing the cost of production and distribution and have determined that print prices, combined with rising mailing charges, have made it too expensive to continue producing and distributing mber news in this manner, Ms Quilty said. Over the past two years, we have been introducing more digital channels to service our mbers and to keep th informed of news and events within the profession. A mid-year survey of mbers showed that 68 per cent of respondents would read Australian Optometry if it were available as an online-only publication and not in print.The move by Clinical and Experimental Optometry to online-only publication is in line with other optometry journals that have ceased print.The Pharma magazine, which is published quarterly in March, June, Septber and Decber, will rain in print and online in 2016, while the annual Equipment magazine will also rain a print and online resource in 2016.

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