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NSW Organ and Transplant Donation Service launches corneal transplant survey

NSW Organ and Transplant Donation Service survey

The NSW Organ and Transplant Donation Service (NSW OTDS – incorporating the Lions Eye Bank) is undertaking a short survey to better understand the current experiences of corneal practitioners in the tissue donation process.

“Corneal donation represents a significant gift. Research has shown that if a potential donor has discussed tissue donation with their family previously, consent rates are dramatically increased,” Chris Hodge PhD, from Lions NSW Eye Bank explained.

He concedes the conversation remains a difficult one.

“Corneal practitioners have an acute understanding of the impact of corneal disease and provide both care and information to patients and their families,” he said.

“This may represent an opportunity to discuss the role of donation and/or provide additional information potentially supporting future conversations and eventual donation. Allowing us to better understand the current levels of knowledge and enthusiasm around this niche area is key.”

It comes after Insight reported last month that peak body Transplant Australia is concerned about the hidden residual effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australia’s organ and tissue donations and has called for a return of the ‘yes’ organ donor option in state-based driver licence systems.

Corneal donation rates in Australia are still yet to recover to pre-pandemic levels.

The NSW Lions Eye Bank hopes the survey results may help in developing further guidelines and educational initiatives to potentially increase the awareness of tissue donation amongst both health care providers and patients.

The survey is entirely voluntary and no identifying information is being collected. It is expected to take five minutes to complete and there is no further follow up required.

For further information, contact Chris Hodge, Lions NSW Eye Bank at


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