No need to sign Medicare Common Form of Undertaking from 1 April

The federal government, as part of its red-tape reduction program, has been working towards roving the requirent that in order to provide optometrical services that are eligible for a patient Medicare rebate, the undertaking must be signed.
The same applies to those providers ploying optometrists, who have have also been required to do so.
Optometry is the only profession that has such a requirent. As with mbers of other professions, in order to practice, optometrists will continue to be required to be registered, in their case with the Optometry Board of Australia,. They will also have to register for a Medicare provider number.
Its on the The Medical Benefits Schedule its for optometry consultations and the rebate paid for each it will rain the same.
Now that the cap on fees charged by optometrists has been roved, there will be no requirents placed on optometrists that they are are not already obliged to meet when participating in Medicare.
No action need be taken by optometrists optometrists already participating in Medicare.
Roval of the requirent to sign a Common Form of Undertaking is an administrative change that has no effect on the way optometrists practise or bill Medicare for their services.

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