Eyerising red light study

Eyerising International refutes ‘inaccurate claims’ in University of Houston red light myopia study

  Australian medical device company Eyerising International says its device has been “misrepresented” in a recent study over the safety of repeated low-level red-light (RLRL) in myopia management. The company has provided four counter points to the paper and has taken particular issue with the “possibly malicious” implication that its instrument didn’t meet safety standards the company has been referring to.
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Optometry Australia budget

Optometry Australia’s 2024-25 budget focus

  Optometry Australia (OA) has lodged its pre-budget submission for the 2024-25 Federal Budget which outlines a pathway to accessible and affordable eyecare involving investments in collaborative models of eyecare, tele-optometry consultations and campaigns to raise awareness of the myopia epidemic.
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world council of optometry

WCO reveals theme for World Optometry Week 2024

This year, the World Council of Optometry (WCO) will celebrate World Optometry Week 2024 with the theme “Advancing Optometry’s Commitment to Global Eyecare” to highlight the ongoing work done by optometrists globally to improve equitable access to eyecare.
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Back-to-school sparks myopia conversation

  As students return to classrooms across Australia, lens manufacturer HOYA is urging optometrists, parents and educators to prioritise discussions about myopia, stating that children’s well-being extends beyond academics to the health of their eyes.
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