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New range of breath shields developed for Zeiss instruments

Zeiss has expanded its breath shield offering to cover additional devices and support eyecare professionals in their efforts to achieve social distancing in clinical environments.

Following its popular slit lamp breath shield program, in which thousands of Australian and New Zealand practices were given free protective coverings, the ophthalmic equipment company has now released a range of shields for other instruments.

Breath shields are now available for the Humphrey Field Analyzer, Clarus ultra-widefield retinal camera, IOLMaster optical biometer and the Cirrus family of OCTs.

Although they are not free-of charge as per the slit lamp offer, the new protective covers can be installed by the user and ordered for a nominal price from the Zeiss Online Shop, which can be accessed via the Zeiss Support Now website.

Installation instruction videos for each instrument have also been produced and can be accessed here.

According to Zeiss, the free slit lamp breath shield program has ended, but clinicians can continue to order them via the same website for a modest price.

Further breath shields for other devices will be released soon and announced in due course.

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