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New ProVision business resource helps independents build a thriving team

ProVision’s recently launched resource for budding independent practice owners features a new module to help businesses build their “dream team” and workplace culture.

 The independent networkwith more than 450 member practices across Australia – has developed LaunchPro, which provides tools and support to help new independent practice owners and their businesses find success.

It’s also available for owners to lift the performance of an existing business and covers topics such as leasing, fit-outs, finance, creating the business’s irresistible offer, legal components and codes of conduct, recruitment and marketing.

Andrew McKinnon.

Mr Andrew McKinnon, CEO of Optometry NSW/ACT, said: “One of the harder lessons of 2020 was that for many people, careers which they thought had been gilt-edged quickly became transient or, in some cases, vanished altogether.

“For many optometrists, security lies in their own practice – but getting started down that ownership path was often an insurmountable challenge. LaunchPro changes the game.”

A key module within LaunchPro is called ‘Your Dream Team’. ProVision states that it provides a 10-step blueprint for new and existing independent owners to create the right team who will thrive in their business.

“This module is a guide for building a business and brand culture that empowers and supports a team to be their best,” the organisation stated.

“It covers how to hire the right people by searching for values-fit over learned technical skills and how to provide new employees with a clear and inspiring vision that evokes the team commitment and sense of purpose.”

ProVision is focused on ensuring a thriving future for independents who it says have the clinical freedom to put patient interests ahead of those of the business. The ability to choose their own mode of practice, areas of special interest, equipment, product suppliers, positioning, marketing, people and location are among the key benefits of independent optometry.

ProVision’s experts have created a 100-point LaunchPro checklist covering eight modules. It details each required action and corresponding lead time that enables optometrists to follow their 18-week prioritised plan that will set them up for success in their independent practice.

Learn more about LaunchPro and receive a complimentary LaunchPro checklist here.

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