New partnership boosts indigenous eye health resources

The HealthInfoNet is recognised as an important part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector and aims to make research and other health information available in a form that has an immediate and practical use for health practitioners.New key fact sheets summarising the latest information about eye conditions affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are being developed. The first will be on diabetic retinopathy. It is fantastic to find so many useful resources in the one place, Ms Jaki Adams-Barton, manager of The Indigenous Australia Program at The Fred Hollows Foundation, said. The HealthInfoNet Eye Health web resource makes both accessing and sharing information so much easier. Having the confidence to know we are using the latest available evidence on which to base our project is really valuable. The Fred Hollows Foundation works to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia and in more than 25 countries around the world to end avoidable blindness.Since 1997, the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet web resource (see has informed practice and policy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health by making research and other knowledge readily accessible.

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