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New iCare IC200 tonometer makes IOP measurements faster and easier

The new iCare IC200 tonometer, distributed in Australia by Designs for Vision (DFV), features an innovative upgrade that aims to enhance the process of measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) by providing faster, more comfortable, and efficient examinations.

The Quick Measure feature of the IC200 reduces the number of required measurements from the standard six to only two or three rapid individual measurements. As a result, the test time is significantly shortened, saving valuable time for both eyecare professionals and patients, DFV said.

“This new method offers a quicker alternative without compromising the accuracy and precision necessary for reliable IOP measurements.”

Central to the ground-breaking enhancement is iCare’s patented rebound technology, which has established the iCare tonometer as a trusted choice worldwide.

“This technology eliminates the need for traditional methods such as air puffs or anaesthetic drops. As a non-invasive and comfortable examination method, it enhances the overall experience for patients while ensuring accurate IOP measurements,” DFV said.

With iCare IC200, IOP measuring is fast, reliable and repeatable, with readings displayed in mmHg to one decimal point.

The local distributor said faster and fewer individual measurements makes the Quick Measure feature ideal for the most challenging patients.

“This further augments the iCare IC200 and its versatility in accommodating patients in different positions. Whether supine, reclined, or seated, the iCare IC200 tonometer can effectively measure IOP, making it accessible to a wider range of patients,” DFV said.

Quick Measure represents a significant innovation in the tonometry experience, benefiting both eyecare professionals and patients. By combining rapid measurements with the high performance of the iCare IC200, practitioners can optimise their workflow while maintaining the accuracy and reproducibility of results that iCare is renowned for.

For more information regarding iCare tonometers, contact Designs for Vision on 1800 225 307 or visit dfv.com.au.

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