New guidelines for myopia management

The ‘Guidelines for Myopia Managent’ provide a framework that can be used to inform diagnostic tests and conduct risk assessments. It also suggests appropriate myopia managent options, and schedules follow-up visits and tests.The head of the Myopia Program at BHVI, Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg, said the latest evidence-based knowledge had been used to develop the guidelines, and that it would assist practitioners with the various steps for assessing and treating myopic patients.“I encourage practitioners to go to our website to view the guidelines and utilise th in their practice. They are free and simple to use and we see th becoming a vital addition to myopia managent practice,” Sankaridurg said.“The guidelines complent other resources we’ve developed to help practitioners meet increasing dands for myopia managent skills, including our ‘Managing Myopia’ online course and ‘Myopia Calculator’, both of which have been translated into numerous languages.”The guidelines can be accessed here.