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New capsulotomy laser system available in Australia

Device Technologies has introduced a new surgical laser system that allows cataract surgeons to perform highly accurate and consistent capsulotomies in less than one third of a second, ensuring precise size, circularity and position.

In addition, the resultant capsulotomy provides greater elasticity and strength compared to manual capsulotomy (1).

According to Device Technologies, CAPSULaser provides 100% free floating 360° capsulotomies due to its ability to deliver laser energy in a continuous manner.

This is said to eliminate the issue of irregular capsulotomies or “postage stamp capsulotomies” that can occur with other laser-assisted cataract systems reliant on pulsed laser energy.

“A significant advantage of the CAPSULaser system is its seamless integration into the existing cataract workflow and its low procedure cost,” Device Technologies business development manager Mr Mark Altman said.

“The system connects directly to the operating room microscope thus eliminating the need to move the patient or requiring additional costly theatre space, allowing surgeons to perform laser assisted cataract procedures in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

CAPSULaser is available in Australia and New Zealand from March


  1. Daya et al. Parameters affecting anterior capsulotomy tear strength and distension. Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery: March 2019 – Volume 45 – Issue 3 – p 355-360.

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