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CooperVision releases new 1-day contact lens for presbyopes

CooperVision MyDay presbyopia contact lens

New multifocal contact lenses by CooperVision featuring an innovative three-add approach that caters to all levels of presbyopia have launched on the Australian market today.

Expanding its silicone hydrogel 1-day family, the MyDay multifocal contact lenses are the first to feature CooperVision’s trademarked Binocular Progressive System, with simplified fitting, optimal visual acuity at all distances and comfortable wear, the company stated.

MyDay multifocal contact lenses are available in a power range of +8.00 diopters (D) to -10.00D in 0.25D steps, and -10.50D to -12.00D in 0.50D steps, and available in low (+0.75D to +1.25D), medium (+1.50D to +1.75D) and high (+2.00D to +2.50D) add power.

CooperVision ANZ brand manager Ms Jessie Taylor said single-vision contact lens wearers often lived active lifestyles, but as they became presbyopic, typically they were  unable to experience the same clear vision.

“As a result, they often turn to reading glasses [instead of] their contact lenses or drop out of the category entirely. With so many factors to consider, presbyopes need a contact lens that provides excellent vision, comfort, and health,” she said.

Taylor said CooperVision’s newest multifocal had the potential to help practices grow their contact lens patient base.

“MyDay multifocal contact lenses are ideal for younger presbyopes as well as patients with more advanced presbyopia looking for a way to stay in, return to, or begin contact lens wear,” she added.

Initial studies showed 86% of patients agreed that MyDay multifocal met their vision needs, and 90% of patient expectations were met or exceeded for vision stability during the day.

CooperVision’s new Binocular Progressive System, which it has debuted with the MyDay multifocal, features a three-add method that uses different lens designs to optimise vision for all levels of presbyopia. These allow the eyes to work in tandem for a simple initial fit and an easy progression as the near requirement increases.

The company said it now means optometrists can successfully fit 98% of patients with two pairs of MyDay multifocal lenses or fewer when following the fitting guide.

The MyDay multifocal fitting is incorporated into CooperVision’s OptiExpert app, which provides a suite of digital tools that aids clinical decision making, helps reduce chair time and increases patient success with contact lenses, the company said

“This includes a new capability of refining the first fit for vision optimisation,” the company said.

MyDay multifocal is designed with the same Aquaform Technology used in all MyDay and Biofinity lenses to provide patients with a high level of daily comfort and performance.

More information is available in the MyDay® multifocal fact sheet.

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