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Musculoskeletal pain prevalent among eyecare professionals

Musculoskeletal pain, which includes neck, lower or upper back, and wrist and hand pain, is highly prevalent among eyecare professionals, according to study results published in Cureus, an open access general medical journal.It is most prevalent among females and adults over 50 years.

The Saudi Arabian cross-sectional study included currently practising ophthalmologists (consultants, specialists, residents), optometrists, and orthoptists.

It was conducted using an electronic detailed questionnaire through Google Forms. The structured questionnaire was distributed through various social media platforms targeting eyecare professionals.

A total of 514 eyecare professionals participated in the study. The majority were younger than 30 years (43.8%), with more than half being males (51.8%) and ophthalmologists (55.2%).

The prevalence of eyecare professionals who were suffering from musculoskeletal pain was 66.7%. The prevalence was significantly higher among females (76.2%) and those over 50 years (71.4%).

The prevalence of pain among eyecare professionals who every week examine more than 150 patients is 72.4%, perform more than 20 surgeries is 85.7%, and conduct more than 20 laser treatment sessions is 100%.

Among different exercises, running is most protective against musculoskeletal pain. The study found 68.3% of participants who don’t do running exercises and 92.2% of those with comorbidities suffer from pain.

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