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Modules turn slit lamp into a complete dry eye assessment

BOC Ophthalmic Instruments has introduced two new slit lamp modules that add digital capabilities to the device, as well as a comprehensive set of dry eye diagnostics.

The Australian supplier recently began importing the DSLC200 slit lamp imaging module and the DEM 100 dry eye module from Italian manufacturer SBM Sistemi.

The DSLC200 is said to transform slit lamps into a high-quality digital imaging device and is compatible with various makes and models, including CSO, Zeiss, Haag-Streit, Nidek, Topcon, Takagi, Righton, Keeler, Huvitz, Mediworks, Shin Nippon.

DSLC200 slit lamp module.

According to the manufacturer, the module’s key difference is the use of an optical image splitter, which is fitted between the eyepieces and magnification optics of the slit lamp. This means it is not mounted to the eyepieces like other after-market cameras, allowing the eyecare professional to use the eyepieces normally, while offering superior image quality.

It features a 3.1-megapixel camera with a one- by 1.8-inch sensor. The optical system also has an adjustable focus distance to suit the user’s preferences, as well as background illumination as standard.

The system is also accompanied by software that allows the user to save images and video, with functionalities such as the Efron and CCLRU grading scales, comparison between exams, patient follow-up and reports.

DEM100’s software can generate an automatic analysis of meibomian glands in a 3D model.

The DSLC200 can also be used with SBM Sistemi’s DEM 100 on Haag-Streit devices, which converts slit lamps into a dedicated dry eye platform.

It’s also able to perform various tests including lipid layer thickness, meibography, tear meniscus height, automatic detection of blinking motion and quality, and bulbar redness.

“The software will guide you in the dry eye examination and all software automations are provided to obtain reliable and complete objective results,” SBM Sistemi stated.

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