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Modstyle announces return of Eclipse Bordeaux – after two decades

Eclipse Bordeaux, one of the most popular frames in the 1990s, has been brought back by Australian eyewear company Modstyle.

The timeless piece, which hasn’t been in the collection for more than 20 years, helped put Modstyle on the map as a supplier of quality affordable eyewear to the Australian market.

The company is one of three owned by siblings Ms Lisa and Mr Mark Wymond, who also operate Eyes Right Optical and Sunglass Collective. Modstyle was established in 1981 and in 2016 it was acquired by the Wymond family who have transformed it into a more design-focused firm.

The frame ‘Bordeaux’ is designed as a unisex frame, which the company says suits ‘on-trend’ and style-conscious consumers.

Bone and gold.

“Constructed from stainless steel with a block hinge created by Modstyle and cast by one of our specialty partners in South Korea, the unique rim is rounded in its make up which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye,” the company stated.

“This method isn’t commonly used in the construction of frames today. Most other manufacturers would use a flat metal rim as it is easier to source and create.”

Modstyle has chosen traditional and modern colourways that include; tortoise shell and gold, which it says is a classic colourway for the frame’s shape; black and gold, which was popular in the 1990s; and has added new bone and gold, which is a trending colourway that complements the other colour options.

Modstyle is positioned as a supplier of quality Australian-designed eyewear for more price-conscious consumers after the latest look. As part of its heavier design focus, it has created a dedicated design studio and a wall of acetate chips and samples that help wit its creative process.

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