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Eight times thinner than conventional blister pack

Menicon Miru 1day Flat Pack

Designed with the contact lens wearer in mind, Menicon’s Miru 1day Flat Pack offers wearers easy handling and cleaner, more comfortable wear.

At barely 1mm thick, each foil blister pack is developed with the company’s Smart Touch Technology to reduce the likelihood of contamination of the lens inner surface, so contact lenses can be worn with confidence and comfort.

“Not only does the Miru 1day Flat Pack require significantly less force to open than a conventional blister pack, it is also eight times thinner than conventional blister pack – resulting in 80% less raw material required,” Menicon says.

“The thoughtfully designed ultra-slim, lightweight packaging is easy to store taking up little space, great when travelling or for sport and comes with a convenient 30-lens storage case – made from recycled mould plastic.”

It is available in single vision and toric contact lens designs.


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