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Menicon’s Alpha Ortho-k lens delivers innovative myopia correction

Designed and manufactured in Japan for people with mild to moderate myopia, Menicon Alpha Ortho-k is a high-oxygen permeable hard contact lens.

According to Menicon, it is specially designed to effectively and safely correct myopia by flattening the anterior surface of the cornea when the lens is worn during sleep.

“Thanks to this innovative method of myopia correction, it allows an individual to be free of lenses during the day,” the company said.

The Alpha Ortho-k lens structure.

Consisting of four zone five curves, Menicon said Alpha Ortho-k offers flexibility for practitioners to adjust the lens parameters, including the back optic zone diameter to enhance myopia correction effects, especially for patients who suffer from glare and halo.

“The base curve is the part that presses the anterior surface of the cornea to flatten it in accordance with the target power of the patient. The alignment curve is responsible for centering the lens and achieves a competent refractive effect by two curves,” Menicon explained.

“The reverse curve is the part responsible for reshaping the corneal epithelial cell layer. The peripheral curve encourages tear exchange and smooth removal of the lens.”

The company said its AC-TORIC design may be prescribed to a patient with corneal astigmatism.

“We strongly suggest that the lens is tested on a patient who has previously experienced difficulty receiving a prescription for a contact lens owing to corneal astigmatism, although there are differences among individuals.”

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