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Menicon sets sights on consumer connection with new MyMiru website

Japanese contact lens manufacturer Menicon has launched a new consumer-facing website that’s now accessible in Australia.

“We are very excited to introduce the new Miru website to the Australian market,” Mr Angelo Doumbos, managing director of Menicon Australia, said.

“It’s part of our ongoing plans to bring the Miru brand closer to the contact lens wearers and support independent optometrists nationally.”

Menicon, a contact lens manufacturing leader for more than 70 years, is also working to make its product development and manufacturing facilities more environmentally friendly.

“With our Miru 1day Flat Pack contact lenses, they are produced at our Singapore Plant and the manufacturing process has reduced the amount of plastic used in the lens container by 80% compared to conventional blister packs. The package is produced by reusing 100% of plastics used in the contact lens manufacturing process,” Doumbos said.

”Not only does the new website reflect on the brand identity of Miru and align with the brand’s social media presence, it will also provide a platform for us to share our brand values, educational content, and our company’s sustainable goals directly with contact lens wearers.”

Doumbos said eco-friendly packaging and production are some of the key pillars of Miru and Menicon. As the future of contact lenses transforms in line with consumer demands for more sustainable options, he said the company was pioneering the way forward, considering both the consumer and planet.

Readers can visit the new Miru website here.

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