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Marcolin launches new training and customer experience project using augmented reality

Marcolin, a worldwide leading group in the eyewear industry, has opted for augmented reality technology to elevate its training and customer experience activities.

The company has launched an immersive tour project within its Italian factories, through which it will be possible to discover the behind-the-scenes story of eyewear manufacturing.

Employee training will rely on the potential of augmented reality technology, following up and developing the Marcolin Manufacturing Academy program.

“Employees will be able to enter the heart of the creative and manufacturing departments wearing a virtual reality headset and learning processes and skills for the creation of cutting-edge objects,” the company said.

The versatility of the tool allows its application from a customer experience perspective: customers and partners from all over the world can now engage in the world of Marcolin without leaving their home.

“The technology is not based on a virtual reproduction of environments but thanks to all-around environments through video footage, which return a perfectly authentic version of real spaces,” it said.

Once worn, the headset offers an immersive experience in the Longarone headquarters where the user can go through all of the production spaces, from the creative process to prototyping, followed by manufacturing steps, and ending with the product distribution.

The headset offers an immersive experience in Marcolin’s Longarone headquarters. Image supplied.

The journey ends with a virtual visit at an optician’s store, where it is possible to see the final manufactured products.

“This experience is even more engaging thanks to the possibility of interacting with the 3D objects present in each environment, looking at them closely and touching extraordinary pieces from the collections, appreciating the craftsmanship of the design details or production phases, and observing in detail the eyewear manufacturing process,” Marcolin said.

Each environment offers the ability to experience a special object, making the experience unique and personalised. A live version of the experience will soon be available, where customers and partners can be accompanied by a company representative remotely.

“At Marcolin, we have exploited the potential of digital transformation and technology to improve the training of our employees and their skills, which are the basis of our know-how,” Group HR Director at Marcolin Ms Sabrina Paulon said.

“From an initial training purpose, it was natural to extend the application of the tool also to the customer experience, with the aim of transferring knowledge about our identity and uniqueness, from the creative process to the phases where craftsmanship and tradition are combined with technological innovation and manufacturing 4.0,” she said.

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