When do you need an interpreter?


Mrs ‘K’ greets you when she arrives for an eye exam with her daughter. In response to questions, she smiles and nods, but struggles to answer. An interpreter may be required, says DR PATRICK CLANCY. Read more

Discharge from day procedures

A patient arrives for a scheduled eye procedure, to be performed under sedation. They plan to take the train home with no support person. RUANNE BRELL and DR PATRICK CLANCY discuss your options. Read more

Clinical images and patient care

Sharing an image of an unusual presentation with a colleague may be valuable in the diagnostic process. But Avant’s RUANNE BRELL says it’s vital to treat clinical images like any other health information. Read more

Keeping it professional on social media

During lockdowns, social media has become a useful way for healthcare professionals to keep in touch with patients. Avant’s RUANNE BRELL examines how to be both effective and professional online. Read more

Preventing sexual harassment

In our June issue, Avant’s SONYA BLACK explored employers’ legal obligations when faced with a sexual harassment allegation. This month she has 10 tips on how to prevent it from occurring in the practice. Read more

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