Luxottica’s $33.5m Defence contract axed over incorrect handling of data

Luxottica operates a large retail footprint, including nearly 400 OPSM stores, as well as Laubman & Pank in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.
A Medibank spokeswoman said an initial check by Luxottica revealed there had been a breach relating to the transfer of optical claims information overseas.
“We conduct rigorous reviews with our sub-contractors to ensure our contract obligations with Defence are met,” she said.
The spokeswoman said Defence has strict data sovereignty guidelines which stated that all staff-related information must rain onshore.Medibank said Luxottica has confirmed it had taken steps to recover the optical records sent overseas.
According to Medibank, there was no evidence the information had been “passed on to any parties beyond those working for Luxottica”.
Medibank apologised for the breach and said other sub-contractors had provided assurances that all customer data was held onshore.
A spokesperson for Luxottica said on 31 July that due to the commercial confidentiality of the company’s contractual arrangents with Medibank Health Solutions, “we cannot comment on matters of this nature at this time”.

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