A new way of calculating biometric lenses

Using more than 500,000 scans from its DNEye Scanner, Rodenstock has developed a new AI calculating engine offering more precise ophthalmic lenses from the standard prescription. The company is now restructuring its lens portfolio, so its premium lenses are available to a wider market. Read More
B.I.G. Precision Hub rodenstock

Introducing the B.I.G. Precision Hub

Everything eyecare professionals need to know about Rodenstock’s B.I.G. Vision and its journey towards biometric precision is in the B.I.G. Precision Hub. It includes the most important information about the company’s journey, challenges and achievements in producing lenses based on a complete biometric model of each individual eye. Read More

Catering for a new optometric era

Trends already shaping modern optometry were set on an even steeper trajectory with the advent of COVID-19. MS HILKE FITZSIMONS explains why Zeiss Vision Care’s future-focused products are well-positioned to support optometry during its next evolution. Read More