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Latest Optovue OCT device arrives in Australia

BOC Instruments has introduced Optovue’s latest optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine to the Australian market, combining numerous ophthalmic diagnostic functions into a single device.

The Sydney-based distributor is now offering the new Solix OCT device, which is said to feature new capabilities, visualisations and applications for practitioners to identify and manage multiple pathologies from the front of the eye to the back.

BOC has been the exclusive distributor of Optovue products since it was founded in 2007 and will begin importing the new model, which was officially launched in January, once it has the demand from local eyecare professionals.

The system delivers high quality images of retinal structures.

“All optometrists and ophthalmologist can benefit from the Solix, it is a high-end premium OCT system with superior specifications and combines several ophthalmic diagnostic products/functions in a single device,” BOC national sales executive Mr Robin Lanesman said.

Optovue, which pioneered OCT-Angiography (OCT-A), has produced Solix off the back of 27 years of OCT development.

The system is said to deliver high quality images of retinal structures with the 16mm-wide X 6mm-deep FullRange retina scan, which allows for confident diagnosis and management of retinal pathologies – even in highly myopic patients.

According to the company, FullRange anterior segment imaging captures the entire anterior chamber in a single scan, with 18mm-wide scans for comprehensive assessment of cataract patients and refractive surgery candidates. Glaucoma analytics also combine structural and 3D AngioDisc Analysis and Trend reports.

“Solix delivers multiple tools for disease management that improves throughput and enables superior patient care,” a company statement said.

“[This] includes wide-field anterior and posterior OCT, non-invasive 3D OCT Angiography with AngioAnalytics, quantification of epithelial, stromal and total corneal thickness with the 10mm Corneal Layer Map, fundus and external eye photography, as well as imaging of the meibomian gland structure.”

Solix also features ultra-fast SD technology with Tracking and Motion Correction Technology (MCT), Multi-volume merging and 3D Projection Artifact Removal (PAR), which produces OCT and OCT-A images with “unprecedented image resolution and clarity”.

Further, QuadMontage combines four 9X9mm AngioVue scans for widefield visualisation of the peripheral retina, and 3D vessel rendering enables real-life visualisation of retinal vasculature and vascular connectivity.

Lanesman said BOC provides full support, service and education/training for the entire range of Optovue OCT models. BOC has sold several hundred Optovue OCTs, including the RTVue, Avanti XR, iVue, iScan and iFusion models in Australia.

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