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Introducing the B.I.G. Precision Hub

B.I.G. Precision Hub rodenstock

Everything eyecare professionals need to know about Rodenstock’s B.I.G. Vision and its journey towards biometric precision is in the B.I.G. Precision Hub. It includes the most important information about the company’s journey, challenges and achievements in producing lenses based on a complete biometric model of each individual eye.

“At Rodenstock, we are constantly striving to pioneer how precisely progressive lenses can be crafted. On our journey we have faced some major challenges including measuring biometric parameters, creating a biometric eye model and using biometric data to craft lenses,” the company says.

“With Biometric Intelligent Glasses, Rodenstock ensures that the lenses are tailored to fit the biometrics of the individual eye to optimise vision sharpness. This is done by implementing a complete biometric eye model in the manufacturing of the lens. The vision benefits are clear.”

When progressive lenses are produced using the biometric input from Rodenstock’s DNEye Scanner, nothing is left to chance, the company adds.

Email: Meryll.Harper-Smith@ rodenstock.com.au

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