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Internationally recognised optometrist joins George & Matilda

Gerry & Johnson Optometrists, owned and operated by renowned Australian clinical optometrist and researcher Dr Kate Gifford, is the latest high-profile practice to join George & Matilda Eyecare (GME).

The independent optometry group announced last week that Gifford’s Brisbane CBD clinic would become the 80th practice to join its national network.

GME, which launched in 2016, will take over the business management of the practice, allowing Gifford to continue her work on clinical research and peer education both in Australia and internationally.

“One of the biggest achievements of George & Matilda Eyecare in the past three years has been that we have become the natural home for the best talent in independent optometry,” Mr Chris Beer, GME CEO said.

“Dr Kate Gifford helps us cement that position, and with one of the most impressive CV’s of any optometrist in the country, I am sure she will enrich our growing community in many ways.”

GME’s unique business model allows practices to maintain their independence while providing significant support in terms of back-office needs and buying power.

GME purchases the assets of the business and co-brands the practice in the majority of cases. In this instance Gifford’s practice will be renamed: Gerry & Johnson, by George & Matilda Eyecare.

Gifford, who is also a former president of Optometry Australia, said she was impressed by GME’s commitment to innovation and practice-centric commercial acumen, especially in paediatric optometry practice and myopia management

“And as such I have realised the benefit to my practice, my patients, my staff and myself in becoming a part of this business model,” she said.

“I have owned and operated my practice for over 12 years. With so much evolution in the knowledge, technology and business landscapes over that time, it is crucial for optometrists and their practices to stay at the cutting edge.

“Becoming a part of the George & Matilda Eyecare group gives me the ability to dedicate more of my time to being a clinician, educator and researcher, provide new opportunities for my staff, and ensure that our patients continue to receive the pinnacle of eye care which they’ve come to expect of us.”