Insight’s Glaucoma Feature – March 2024

With estimates that 300,000 Australians have glaucoma – and half of them not even knowing about it – it’s little wonder the field is brimming with new technology to treat and detect this “the silent thief of sight”.

MIGS, first-line SLT treatment, preservative-free eye drops, miniaturised perimetry and a genetic test using a saliva are among a host of relatively new options that are changing the glaucoma game.

But how do you make your product stand out in a competitive marketplace?

Insight’s March 2024 issue could be the answer, featuring our annual Glaucoma Report. This edition will dive into multiple topics including the latest in visual field technology, the concept of ‘interventional glaucoma’, promising new detection data from an Australian study, plus more.

If you’re looking to reach ECPs specialising in glaucoma care this is a great opportunity to showcase your business/product to a highly engaged audience of ophthalmologists, optometrists and other eyecare professionals. 

Expressions of interest close Tuesday 23 January 2024.
Limited positions available.

Luke Ronca,Insight brand manager
luke.ronca@primecreative.com.au or 0402 718 081

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