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Hoya’s new range of occupational lenses meet growing demand

Hoya Vision Care Australia and New Zealand has launched a new range of occupational lenses which provide enhanced visual fields and comfort for spectacle wearers.

The company said the suite of lenses, which include Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3, Hoyalux WorkStyle Business, Hoyalux WorkSmart Room and the SUPEREADER, are designed to meet the demands of today’s marketplace where people are spending increasingly more time indoors and on digital devices both at home and work.

The new suite will replace Hoya’s previous indoor designs.

Mr Craig Chick, CEO of Hoya Vision Care Australia and New Zealand, said each lens in the new range has its own unique attributes, allowing eyecare professionals to find a vision solution that fits each wearer’s needs.

“Developed for easy adaptation, Hoya’s new updated line of occupational lenses are designed to meet the growing demand from our eyecare professionals as people spend more time indoors,” Chick said.

“The lenses help to improve the wearers vision comfort and ergonomic posture allowing them to work or focus on near and intermediate vision areas in a more relaxed and comfortable way which is beneficial over time.”

Mr Ulli Hentschel, national training and development manager, Hoya Vision Care ANZ, said the launch of Hoya’s new suite of occupational lenses reflects the company’s mission to support and champion eyecare professionals and provide innovative, evolving products for their patients.

Key attributes of the new range include:

  • Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3 is a premium lens designed for the clearest, most comfortable and natural vision when switching between different digital devices at the near to far intermediate distances up to one, two or six metres. It is available in three individual designs (Close, Screen, Space) that can be utilised based on visual preferences. It is equipped with premium trademarked Binocular Harmonization Technology verified with Hoya’s Binocular Eye Model and AdaptEase technology for wider fields of vision.
  • Hoyalux WorkStyle Business is a mid-tier solution for progressive lens wearers who would like wide vision areas when working on near and intermediate vision distances, up to two or four metres. It includes View Xpansion technology which maximises the visual fields to the periphery of the lenses and offers swim and sway reduction.
  • Hoyalux WorkSmart Room is an entry-level occupational lens with a distance range up to four metres, enabling the wearer to switch effortlessly between their computer screen and keyboard, whilst having a perfect overview of their desk all day long. It offers swim and sway reduction and a stable image perception in a dynamic environment.
  • SUPEREADER is designed for heavy readers. This lens offers support at near distances and has a much better depth than ordinary reading lenses. It includes Quic focus technology, providing natural head posture for less head rotation for near work.

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