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HOYA Vision Care launches new single vision and fast photochromic lenses

HOYA Vision Care Australia & New Zealand has this month launched two new products: Nulux iDentity V+ single vision lenses with 360° visual comfort; and Sensity Fast, which it describes as the fastest light adaptive lenses available.

Available from 1 April, HOYA said Nulux iDentity V+ – the latest addition to its free-form single vision lens portfolio – is designed for patients who struggle with peripheral distortions in conventional single vision lenses and want to have 360° visual comfort everywhere they look.

The company said that while traditional single vision lenses correct vision effectively in the centre of the lenses, they do not meet patients’ increasing needs for high quality peripheral vision.

“Nulux iDentity V+ single vision lenses are tailored to patient’s individual measurements, frame choice and wearing needs. They offer focused vision in all directions and superb visual performance over the entire lens,” the company said.

HOYA Vision Care Australia & New Zealand managing director Mr Craig Chick said single vision wearers have been underserved for a long time.

“The technology available to differentiate their experience is here, and we are proud to bring it to market,” he said.

HOYA’s Nulux iDentity V+ provides personalised 360° visual comfort by integrating four key elements into the design:

  • Backside Surface Precision Technology – a modern optimisation process which refines points across the entire back surface and creates a thinner and flatter lens profile, offering patients a much wider clear field of vision than standard single vision lenses.
  • Oblique angle compensation – when looking through the lens at an oblique angle, several aberrations are created. Any frame wrap angle or tilt will alter a patient’s prescription, causing vision issues and eye fatigue. HOYA’s Nulux IDentity V+ lens eliminates these aberrations using freeform surfacing and aspheric/atoric surface contouring, creating distortion-free visual clarity.
  • The patient’s position of wear parameters – including within the lens’ design their unique wearing measurements such as pantoscopic tilt, frame wrap angle and vertex distance worn provides high patient satisfaction.
  • Wearer’s frame choice – the lens design allows patients to select the frame they love without compromising visual acuity and comfort.

Fastest fading light adaptive lenses

Available in Australia and New Zealand from 3 April and available in grey and brown, Sensity Fast ophthalmic lenses are the latest addition to HOYA’s Sensity family and address a wearer’s biggest pain point – the slow fade back from dark to light when moving from outdoors to indoors.

“Photochromic lenses are very convenient for active prescription spectacle wearers as they combine both the benefits of prescription lenses and sunglasses in one frame,” the company said.

“The Sensity range, which also includes Sensity 2, Sensity Dark and Sensity Shine, contain HOYA’s specially developed microscopically accurate photochromic technologies with each lens type adapted to meet specific consumers’ lifestyle and preferences.”

HOYA anticipates Sensity Fast will be popular with younger generations.

The new Sensity Fast lenses offer active patients a photochromic solution which fades back to half clear in seconds when moving indoors, making them ideal for patients with active lifestyles, HOYA said.

With 100% UV protection and modular blue light control, Sensity Fast wearers are protected both outdoors from the sun and indoors whilst working on digital devices.

With Sensity Fast, HOYA has developed a lens that many eyecare professionals were asking for, featuring rapid fade speed.

“There are many photochromic lenses on the market but until now something has been missing,” Chick, said.

“With Sensity Fast we developed a lens that many eyecare professionals were asking for, one that has a rapid fade speed, making the move from outdoors to indoors a seamless experience for wearers. It’s going to be popular with younger generations and people on the go. They’ll love it because it’s so fast.”

For more information, eyecare professionals should consult their HOYA Sales Consultant or free call 1800 500 971 (Australia) or 0800 744 692 (New Zealand).

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