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Hoya unveils new Hi-Vision SUN Pro Coating to local market

Hi-Vision SUN Pro lens coating

Hoya Vision Care Australia & New Zealand has announced the launch of its new Hi-Vision SUN Pro lens coating which provides both front and back protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

According to the company, the lens coating makes it easier for wearers to see in bright light conditions, protects eyes against harmful effects of the sun and lessens the amount of squinting.

As Australia moves into the more light-filled spring and summer seasons, protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays is as important as protecting the skin, Hoya stated, adding that UV exposure over time can play a role in the development of cataracts and other eye disorders and diseases.

“Hoya’s new Hi-Vision SUN Pro lens coating offers increased comfort during outdoor activities and sun exposure,” said Mr Griff Altmann, Hoya Vision Care’s chief technology officer, said.

“We are collaborating closely with eyecare professionals to help raise awareness with their patients about the importance of protecting eyes against harmful UVA and UVB rays which is often an afterthought.”

In addition to preventing UV transmission through the lens, the back surface of the Hi-Vision SUN Pro lens coating reduces UV rays from being reflected into the eyes when facing away from the sun. The lens is scratch resistant for enhanced durability during outdoor activities and water, grease and dirt repellent for easy cleaning.

“The launch of Hoya’s new Hi-Vision SUN Pro lens coating in Australia and New Zealand is a reflection of Hoya Vision Care’s mission to support and champion eyecare professionals and provide innovative, evolving products for their patients,” said Mr Craig Chick, managing director of Hoya Vision Care ANZ.

Hoya’s fashion forward looking new coating is available on all of its tinted and polarised lenses.

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