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Hoya unveils latest progressive and digital innovations

O=MEGA PREVIEW: Eyecare professionals will get their first glimpse at Hoya Lens Australia’s latest progressive and digital lens designs at O=MEGA.

The company will announce its LifeStyle 3 progressive, which includes design variations specifically tailored to the active lifestyles of presbyopes. The lens is available in indoor, urban and outdoor options with clear differentiation, meaning the lenses can be customised to the patients’ vision requirements, without the need for complicated consultations.

Hoya has also equipped LifeStyle 3 with its Binocular Harmonization Technology, which considers the right and left prescription as individual components, defines the required binocular lens design and calculates the necessary progressive distribution for each individual eye accordingly.

The lens is also evaluated and calculated according to Hoya’s Binocular Eye Model, a patented binocular performance measurement program that verifies each design under real-life circumstances before going into production. Sync III, Hoya’s third, improved generation of accommodative support lenses designed to help relax the eyes in a digital world, will also be unveiled.

Visit Hoya Lens Australia on Stand C7
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