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Hoya Lens Australia and DFV form myopia alliance

Hoya Lens Australia and Designs for Vision (DFV) are joining forces to increase awareness of myopia management strategies and aid eyecare professionals to grow this facet of their practice.

Announced on 2 March, it’s hoped collaboration will enable practitioners to diagnose and engage their patients, so they better understand their myopia management needs and treatment options.

The myopia segment has been a hotbed of activity and innovation in recent years, with Hoya introducing its MiyoSmart spectacle lens to the Australian market last October. Meanwhile, DFV is the local supplier of the new Myopia Master instrument produced by German firm Oculus.

DFV general manager Mr Nikolas Apostolou was excited about the cooperating with the lens manufacturer.

“Both Hoya and Designs for Vision are focused on supporting eyecare professionals. We’re dedicated to saving and improving visual performance,” he said.

The Miyosmart lens has been shown to slow the progress on average by 60% compared with those wearing single vision lenses.

Mr Craig Chick, managing director of Hoya Lens Australia, added: “We aim to help eyecare professionals in their quest for clinical excellence with world class measuring technologies and treatment solutions. Joint workshops, webinars and specific educational content is being developed to assist practices in expanding their myopia management business.”

Hoya’s MiyoSmart with D.I.M.S. Technology is a spectacle lens for myopia control in children and has been shown to slow the progress on average by 60%, based on results from a two-year clinical trial published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

The lens won the regarded Silmo d’Or Award in the vision category at the most recent Silmo Paris Optical Fair, and was previously awarded the Grand Prize, Grand Award and Gold Medal at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in April 2018.

The Oculus Myopia Master, which includes predictive algorithm technology licensed from the Brien Holden Vision Institute, is said to accurately measures the eyes’ axial length, refraction and keratometry; three functions critical for effective myopia management.

The instrument also presents the data alongside a summary of risk factors obtained via questionnaire in a simple to understand fashion so parents can appreciate the need for myopia treatment in their children.

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