HOYA introduces two new lenses

The company’s EnRoute driving lenses are equipped with glare filter material and coating, which is designed improve contrast and brightness perception, while also cutting down on glare by reducing light scatter. The lenses, which are available in single vision or progressives, also have a wide visual field, allow for stable image perception while moving, and reduce ghost images.A more advanced version of the lens, the Enroute Pro, is designed for professional drivers or patients that spend a lot of time on the road, such as Uber and taxi drivers, couriers, or travelling sales consultants. It is further optimised for the viewing distance to the dashboard and mirrors, and has a contrast enhancer that further reduces glare and improves colour perception.The Sportive range has been optomised for sports, is available in single vision and multifocal lenses, can be polarised, and comes in a range of tints. According to Hoya, standard single vision lenses in high curved sports frames can result in distorted vision when looking through the periphery of the lenses, which its Nulux Sportive line is designed to eliminate.The company says its Hoyalux Sportive multifocal lenses are targeted at active and health-conscious presbyopic athletes. Hoya claims the technology provides a wide visual field and clearer vision, including on the periphery of the lenses.

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