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HOYA introduces advanced premium Hi-Vision Meiryo Diamond coating

HOYA Vision Care Australia & New Zealand has announced the launch of Hi-Vision Meiryo Diamond, the company’s most advanced premium coating to date.

It is the latest addition to HOYA’s coatings range, which the company says delivers exceptional clarity that lasts longer, reflecting its leadership in the coatings category.

The benefits of anti-reflective coatings are well-known in the optical industry and include glare-reduction, scratch resistance, anti-static, and water repellent properties among others, the company stated. With the launch of this new coating, HOYA said it had elevated these features to a higher level, “ensuring outstanding quality not only on day one of purchasing the spectacles but for the length of their prescription and beyond”.

The company said that the new Hi-Vision Meiryo Diamond coating offers extreme protection against scratches, smudges, glare, and UV while providing the wearer with ultimate clarity, so spectacle wearers can be confident that they are prepared for any unexpected situation.

Hi-Vision Meiryo Diamond has 56% lower reflectance1, maintains easy-to-clean features that last up to five times longer2, and its scratch resistance is 2.5 times better3 than the major competitors’ best coating, according to testing protocols conducted by HOYA.

The company reported that spectacle wearers can enjoy the low maintenance their lenses require and worry less about the lenses being scratched by accident. With 100% UV protection on the front and extra protection on the back surface of the lens4, spectacle wearers are protected from ultraviolet rays outdoors.

HOYA Vision Care chief technology officer Mr Griff Altmann said that Hi-Vision Meiryo Diamond underwent rigorous testing to guarantee quality and longevity.

“This coating has undergone a testing protocol for quality, passing the severe tests which provide patients with the HOYA quality guarantee for long-lasting, anti-reflective coatings that exceed expectations,” he said.

“It also offers them the confidence that their lenses will maintain their properties over time and are able to endure many conditions and various lifestyles.”

Hi-Vision Meiryo Diamond will replace Diamond Finish UV Control coating in all HOYA Grind lenses. It will be available in Clear, Tinted, Sensity 2, Sensity Fast, Sensity Dark and Polarised.

For more information and complete product availability, eyecare professionals can consult their HOYA sales consultant. More information about Hi-Vision Meiryo Diamond and HOYA’s coating portfolio is available here: www.hoyavision.com.au

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