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Hope for ‘better’ contact lens wearers in new UNSW trial  

Contact lens UNSW

Dropout, hygiene compliance and other issues associated with contact lens wear will be the focus of a new study by UNSW researchers who are asking their optometry colleagues to assist in a recruitment drive.

A/Prof Nicole Carnt.

Associate Professor Nicole Carnt and her research team are conducting a randomised controlled trial with the overall aim of reducing the contact lens dropout rate, boosting wearer satisfaction, improving hygiene compliance and helping new contact lens wearers along the complex wearing journey.

It comes as Insight published a feature article this month featuring contact lens authorities UNSW Professor Fiona Stapleton, Mr David Stephensen and Dr Lisa Ho, discussing the key drivers of dropout in Australia and ways to address it.

Recruitment for the UNSW trial is under way and practitioners are being asked to distribute flyers to their current contact lens wearers, both full time and part time.

Patients can then enrol themselves online by scanning a QR code, with the study itself consisting of three sets of questionnaires running over six months.

There will be text message intervention delivered regularly to the test group and after the trial is complete, each participant will receive $40 of e-gift cards, in total.

The researchers said the trial would be ideal for new lens wearers at risk of dropout, as well as existing wearers who may need a lens hygiene refresher.

To support fellow optometrist and UNSW PhD candidate Mr Adam Samuels by recruiting for the trial, contact 0404658330 or a.samuels@unsw.edu.au to receive a free recruitment package (50 printed flyers and a poster for each practice).

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