Harvard Fellowship supports future direction of Lions Eye Institute

Professor Mackey said the course would help him guide strategic direction for the LEI over coming years.
“Although the majority of the 159 attendees were Americans, international students accounted for 38 per cent with 15 Australians making the largest international contingent,” he said.
“Backgrounds varied from the social services, arts, education and health sectors.
“Harvard Business School is famous for its case-study method of teaching and of particular personal interest was a case study involving the Aravind Eye Hospital in India.”
The Harvard Club Fellowship also allowed Professor Mackey to visit comparable organisations in the United States.
He spent several days in Salt Lake City, Utah, visiting the Moran Eye Center, which is similar in size and structure to the LEI.
“That was highly informative and provided many ideas for renovating our clinics in Western Australia,” he said.
Professor Mackey also met with research collaborators from Boston and San Francisco.
Image: David Mackey at the Harvard Business School in Boston

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