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Haag-Streit myopia device arrives in Australia

Haag-Streit’s new myopia management platform Lenstar Myopia is now available in Australia through distributor Device Technologies.

Lenstar Myopia comprises the company’s Lenstar 900 optical biometer, along with specialised software called, EyeSuite Myopia.

According to the Haag-Streit, its EyeSuite Myopia software uses the latest axial length growth curves from myopia experts at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Leading myopia authorities and optometrists Dr Thomas Aller and Mr Pascal Blaser, of, have also been involved in its development.

The software is designed to better educate and consult patients and parents about the prevalence, causes and consequences of myopia in children.

In addition to precise axial length measurements, Lenstar 900 is said to contribute to other myopia management factors such as keratometry, providing a range of data for accurate predictions of the myopia’s onset and progression.

“Lenstar Myopia also offers measurements for early detection of myopia onset and state-of-the-art myopia management with graphical visualisations for easy education and consultation of patients and parents,” a Haag-Streit statement said.

Device Technologies product manager Mr Jarrod Power added: “This new product represents everything you would expect when a brand like Haag Streit moves into the myopia management space.

“It gives clinicians and their team a valuable tool to visualise and plan treatments, while providing a simple and powerful graphical framework to educate patients and their families. This facilitates the best possible outcomes and helps to build long lasting advocates for their business.”

Lenstar Myopia is the latest myopia management solution Device Technologies has introduced to the Australian market, after launching the Topcon Myah last year. Lenstar Myopia is available to clinicians now, following Australian registration and product launch earlier in 2021.

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