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Glaukos introduces the iprism SX

Glaukos has unveiled a new single-use surgical gonioscopy lens that is said to provide exceptional clarity with expanded views of angle structures.

The iprism SX also possesses enhanced design characteristics, including integrated stabilisation features, to provide surgeons with precise lens handling during intraoperative gonioscopy procedures.

According to the company, the device can help practitioners optimise implantation of its iStent inject W, a trabecular micro-bypass procedure for glaucoma.

The iprism SX’s small, lightweight handle is designed to be held in either hand, with the short handle length also preventing interference with the microscope or advanced microscope attachments.

The biconic optic is said to offer a 1.25 magnified view of angle structures and an overall wide, clear view of the anterior chamber, while the lens dimensions account for expanded incision access.

Additionally, the gentle stabilisation features that are integrated into the gonioprism helps to centre the view and provide steady control. Alignment guides also enable confident stent placement for the practitioner by optimising positioning and clock hour spacing.

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