Glaucoma treatment device temporarily reinstated on MBS

The devices, which are safer and more effective than previous treatment options, were originally slated to be roved from the MBS on May 1. However, this decision was met with extensive lobbying from RANZCO and glaucoma patients, which prompted the DoH to tporarily reinstate the devices.RANZCO president Associate Professor Mark Daniell welcomed the new listing.“Minimally-invasive glaucoma surgery devices are a major advance in glaucoma managent. The new it number allows the continued implant of devices whilst a full Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) review is underway,” he said.However, despite appreciating the assistance of the DoH, the statent released by RANZCO went on to stress that the new it number is only an interim measure and can only be used in conjunction with cataract surgery.Previously, the MBS it – 42758 (goniotomy) – was usually only used for children with congenital glaucoma, which limited the procedures to around only 20 each year. However, that number skyrocketed when new stents were developed for adults, which led to a review and the proposed changes to try and reduce costs.It’s expected RANZCO will continue to lobby the DoH and MSAC as the undertake a full review, the result of which will likely be released later this year.

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