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George & Matilda encourages staff to support fire affected communities

George & Matilda has created a new initiative to support communities affected by the 2020 bushfires by incentivising staff to get out and visit impacted regions.

After an initial assistance package consisting of complimentary eyewear and eyecare to people directly affected by the bushfires, the practice network has now announced a long-term campaign.

“It is fair to say this crisis is so widespread that most of us know someone who, in some way, has been either affected or knows someone who is affected,” Mr Chris Beer, CEO of George & Matilda Eyecare, said.

“We have now turned our mind to the long-term support of these communities.

“While it’s hard to fathom, the reality is that once the TV cameras stop, our minds turn to other topics and other events and unfortunately the needs of these communities become less visible. Local businesses, tourism and accommodation providers are all already experiencing a huge downturn – even if they are in an area not directly affected by the fire.”

To counter this situation, George & Matilda has announced that all of its team members will be provided an additional day of annual leave this year, provided they use it to visit a region affected by the fires and spend some money to help the local community.

“This is all part of our ongoing dedication and commitment to support local communities and the people that make them special,” Beer said.

“In times like this, Australians find a way to uniquely come together and support each other and at George & Matilda Eyecare, we are proud to play our small role.”

The company adds to the significant charitable efforts that have been undertaken by the country’s eyecare sector which includes cash donations, replacement spectacles and the sponsorship of individual families.

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