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Fresh campaign supports polarised lens sales this summer

In time for the summer sunglass selling season, Younger Optics has launched a stunning NuPolar campaign to be used by optical stores.

The campaign – ‘You’ve never seen better’ – uses what the company describes as incredible scenery images that are bright, vibrant and crisp, which are intended to represent the visual experience of NuPolar polarised lenses. Younger Optics has produced new NuPolar window posters, window decals, counter cards, patient brochures and digital resources to use in-practice. Also available are polarised lens demonstration tools and glare demonstrators. The campaign resources and tools are designed to better support patient polarised lens discussions and to refresh store materials.

According to the company, NuPolar is available in the widest range of colours, styles and materials on the market and can be fit into almost any frame including nylon, three piece and wrap. Styles include solid tint, gradient tint, mirror finish and polarized photochromic.

Email: info@youngeroptics.com.au

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