Orthoptics Awareness Week 2022

Orthoptics Awareness Week 2022: Where in the world can orthoptics take you?

From Cairns to Fremantle and Singapore to Dublin, a career in orthoptics can take people places they never thought possible.

Under the theme: ‘Where can orthoptics take you?’ this Orthoptics Awareness Week 2022 (30 May – 3 June), Orthoptics Australia, in partnership with Insight, shares anecdotes from Australian-trained orthoptists to showcase just some workplace destinations within the profession.

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A one way ticket home

A Tamworth native has brought specialist training in retinal diseases and uveitis acquired at a world-class UK eye hospital back home where it’s needed most. Read more

Enduring products, enduring service

BOC Ophthalmic Instruments managing director TONY COSENTINO explains why he operates his distribution business on the knowledge that customers will ultimately remember him for the service, not the sale.

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Change agents: educating parents about myopia

Research estimates myopia will affect 50% of the world by 2050, and recent COVID lockdowns appear to have only worsened the situation. As more patients – and their parents – seek effective interventions, practitioners should prepare to meet this oncoming public health demand. Read more

Retinal imaging with confidence

A market-leading retinal imaging device was the final instrument Western Australian optometrist ADRIAN ROSSITER needed to modernise his equipment suite. He discusses using the device in an optometry setting. Read more

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